Development Services

Cusix software offers
PHP Development and Adaptation
Installation, configuration and module development for Drupal

Cusix Software

Cusix Software is lead by Jan Keller Catalan and located in Copenhagen.
Cusix Software specialises in development of PHP web sites for small and medium sized enterprises.

We adapt existing websites or develop new ones in PHP.

As Denmark's leading experts on XOOPS, we have special competencies in developing modules and adapting themes for XOOPS.

XOOPS is a 100% database driven Open Source CMS with extensive functionality and it is well suited for expansion. You can

Website Development

Web sites have gone from simple business card style static HTML to extensions of a company's image.
A web site is much more now than ever before. A web site can be critical to attracting and keeping customers, as well as it can be the business for a company.

Cusix exploits the full dynamics of database driven web sites to its fullest in the development of easy to maintain web sites. Ranging from company presentations to dynamic web sites with articles, bookings and communities

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